Hire eCommerce Managers

  • Unlike other Service providers, Matrid makes sure that our Manager has in-depth knowledge of the industry and the products the client is selling as one can only serve better if he understands the market of the industry. Some of the industries that we serve are Tooling, Fashion, Furniture, Home Decor, CNC, Jewelry, Pet Accessories, Sports Accessories,  Outdoor Cooking Equipment,  Farming, etc.

            Here are some highlights of the services that Remote eCommerce Manager provides.

  • Monitoring and Managing Inventory This includes manual Product creation, bulk uploading, Product Scraping, Refining vendor sheet in a proper manner for the direct website upload, Fetching product attributes to help the customers in filtering down their product.

  • Website Monitoring Closely watching the flow of the website, In case, if any abnormal activity is detected, will process immediate investigation and identify the root cause of the problem.

  • Tracking Competitors' Activities Listing down the competitors for keeping track of their running campaigns, new inventory launches, new features added for enhancement of User Experience and then finally creating the strategy to counter their advancements.

  • Customized Report Generation Creating Custom reporting from the data fetched through analytics and any third-party tools to draw a graph of improvement and responding quickly if any unusual fluctuations are found. 

  • E-Marketplace Management Introducing your business to various e-marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Houzz, Google Shopping, etc. and Managing them by Introducing newly released functions that can prove beneficial in the competitive business.

  • Digital Marketing It includes setting up campaigns on Adwords, Setting up re-marketing campaigns, using social media for Strategic Brand Planning, Installing Facebook Pixels, etc.